Sunday, June 17, 2018

HEARTBURN versus the bra Women Only A RANT

All my post-grade-school life I have just put on a bra, fastened up tight, and marched off to meet the day.

Now my acid reflux seems to be back with a vengeance, but my youthful bust is not.

I need a really humane, really understanding, SAVVY, probably female Gastro doctor who is not procedure-happy, who can help me FIND A (healthy) BRA. 

A bra that does not squeeze  my hiatal hernia, nor my stomach opening
A bra that stays in place if I have to reach the top shelf in the market
A bra that does not make me buy my tops from BIG & Tall Man, to hide bra problems.
A bra that lets my shoulders, not my stomach, do the heavy lifting.

If you know such a person, throw her into the car at once, and call me. 
This is an emergency.

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