Sunday, March 11, 2018

SWOLLEN FEET AND... part 2 Midnight special

My primary doctor seemed confused when I said No to a referral to another foot doctor. 
He also seemed to feel that elevating my feet was odd (I had forgotten by then that I got the suggestion from Mayo Clinic and some other places.)

Now I think the first podiatrist I saw in TX was the best, and after searching, I think he's still in the same office. Let's call him Dr. X for the moment.

He had some cream made up for me, which did not help. (I now sometimes use an over the counter one, but not too often.  But, more important, he left me with some important words:  

"Many foot problems start in the legs. " 

I was diagnosed once with peripheral neuropathy.  And let's face it - the more my feet hurt, the less I walk, (and forget the pollen season for walking outside)

Dr. X knew without a demonstration that I couldn't stand on one leg, even standing right by the counter, nor could I walk a straight line.

 He mentioned that the sneakers I was wearing were noticeably more narrow in the toe area than my feet.  Now that I remember his words, I've wasted hours looking for the right shoes and please, not Birkenstocks.  Yes, older women do care how we look.

Also  I will beg my family doctor fore more physical therapy for more balance and gait training.  And any exercises that are good for this osteo arthritis.

 I will still elevate my legs higher than my heart.  (I do my bed-cercises at the same time.)

But it's harder to break the sit-read-sit habit when the world is full of pollen. (When there's no pollen, there's still a mystery novel to encourage sitting') 

One confession - if I get some shoes that don't hurt, I'll have to take one daughter's advice:
 Go to the mall and walk as much as you're supposed to!

I wish you health.

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Kaye Fleming said...

Good shoes are so hard to find! I search!