Monday, February 12, 2018

FREE BUS PASS re Reuters article ref'd on TW MIDNIGHT SPECIAL

 Just saw that article ref'd on TW w many theories on free bus pass benefits.

I say: Doesn't matter whom I would visit, talk to, and it's not primarily about avoiding isolation.

A free bus pass (esp one better than the mess I got into in L.A.) is the difference between:
a)  I am in charge of my day and where I choose to go, or:
b)  I am not in charge of my day, and must beg rides even to go to the doctor, much less where to have fun or be refreshed
(Yes, I know, the bus has to be going places I want to go.)
Any other theories?  All I can say is I remember every moment of not driving before and after the lumbar fusion. I had to lend my car to a friend in exchange for being driven to grocery shopping, and HIRE someone to drive and go with me to the doctor, get food..  As a way to spend the rest of my life?  Try it.

 You may find the article by googling Reuters....

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