Monday, February 27, 2017


Friday, pains were so strong (plus a migraine flare-up) that I had to go back to my morning stretch routine.

So, even tho I haven't needed to soak the eyelids in the morning, obviously I still need to do all the stretches I used to do during eye-care time. (Which, of course was also brew coffee time.)

PS The migraine images were a dead give-away that I had spent way too much time on Twitter.

And, no surprise (especially after a walk yesterday) I was just about  pain-free this morning.

Meanwhile, back at the allergies-- the area around the market and Starbucks was not a good place for that walk around 5pm - way too much car exhaust from the dinner crowd. Finding a time outside free from pollen and exhaust fumes is tricky.  And imperative!

Bottom line:  my all-body, PT approved stretches are a minimum - No exhaust fumes and pollen in here. So No excuse.

Okay, the other confessions:

The podiatrist is too polite to say my feet would hurt less if I lost weight.  I confess I gained back 4 or 5 pounds that I had lost after pre-diabetic diagnosis.  (Gee, they mean it when they say it's easier to lost than to keep it off.)  So grocery shopping is modified til I get that scales needle back toward the left.

And finally, my posture stinks.  And our postural muscles do burn calories, but only when we flex them.

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