Tuesday, November 22, 2016

BREAST CANCER - URGENT - What makes it harder to get answers, clinical trials, and treatments

Today on Twitter, a woman named Phyllis posted the questions that are being asked, particularly by those with metastatic breast cancer, about roadblocks to clinical trials, and many other needs and situations where our medical machine is stalled while patients need answers.

They will be asked of researchers at a conference in December.

If you missed it, it's headlined:   Our questions for researchers at SABCS16 , December 6-9

If you're not on Twitter, I just googled SABCS 16 and immediately got a headline, what to know about the conference, etc.

I'm stressing this not only for breast cancer, but because the questions are probably applicable to other diseases--ones that give patients the same struggle to get clinical trials and other necessary help.

I wanted to get this posted, so have not asked Phyllis if the whole list is available for us to read.

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