Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tamoxifen feet-vein-artery Diary

This Tamoxifen foot pain-and-swelling thing involves more than walking!

Thursday. Last visit to Dr. Neville, for report on the vascular test. Asks me if I've ever been sent to a heart specialist.  (NO)  He says there's a vascular problem--not enough blood to the balls of my feet.  Everyone else is telling me to elevate my swollen feet and get the blood back to the heart.  So is it an arterial problem?  He says:  I want you to walk!

Corie puts a tiny metatarsal pad in my right shoe; gives me a discount card for NewBalance store.  Tells me to see manager.

Friday.  I go on my longest walk for ages, wearing my clogs.  Friday night 2 Gabapentin, but almost impossible to sleep.  Random pains in places I've never had pains.  Is this Tamoxifen or the unaccustomed exercise?  Took Tylenol in the middle of the night.

Saturday.  Woke  hungry and, of course, tired.  Was it partly hunger that kept me awake?

Sunday.   Swollen feet.  What's new?  Got my clogs on, went off to meet a friend and did some walking around the shopping center where I often go to Starbucks.

Monday.   NewBalance Manager will not be in, Walked around the neighborhood - more than a thousand steps, again wearing my old slide-sandal Clarks'.

Tuesday.  Manager doesn't have any walking shoe for me without very lumpy soles that will cause me to break my neck.  I agreed to e-mail him a link on some NewBalance walking shoes I saw online from LLBean.  Sent him the link.  Heavy laundry and kitchen chores.

Wednesday.  Usual foot pain and swelling.  Wore my ancient, sturdy Clark's sandals around the house.  Took a Tylenol, put on clogs, and walked through big department store shoe area - no luck.

Physical Therapy outpatient called me--I have a new assessment tomorrow!

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