Friday, January 30, 2015

Breast Cancer patients and survivors - one doctor understands

This morning, Sunrise Rounds has a post  (scroll to Cancer Care--The Secret Change) about how we feel when a cancer is "cured."  How hard it is to forget that ghost whisper:  It could come back.  That phantom pain that says: Is it back?  Dr. Salwitz shares the words of a survivor and cancer treatment professional who seems shocked at how cancer acts and feels when we're the patient.

Since breast cancer especially has been found to be ever lurking, his post really struck me.

He talks about the parts of us - body and mind - that aren't quite what they were before radiation, before whatever science has done to us as well as to the disease.  And how we feel about those alterations and losses.  

About all this he says one thing that made me feel a deep kinship with other survivors, "The clincher?  None of this is obvious to anyone else." 

Our families, spouses, friends have heaved a sigh of relief for us.  We rang the bell!

And yet... 

I wish you health.

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