Monday, December 1, 2014

Breast Cancer - melatonin, darkness, another study

If you missed the Tulane sleep study post, didn't agree, or are still curious:

Found this in USA Today article on breast cancer in the military, which branched off into their take on cancer causes...One was:

Shift work. "A 2012 study of Danish military women is just the latest connecting night-shift workers with breast cancer- for both those in uniform and their families. Researchers found those working the swing shift were 40% more likely to face diagnoses. They suspect the suppression of melatonin that comes with sleepless nights may also inhibit the body's ability to fight off cancer-causing cells."  (bold highlight mine.)
This reminded me that I haven't figured out how to alter my sleep mask.

Also reminded me that I can go back on melatonin.  The semi-monthly "time out" period is over.

I wish you health.

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