Monday, August 25, 2014

What if it's not Aging????

I put the question mark after aging because I'm in serious doubt that my physical condition is all caused by birthdays.

1. One of my best friends is almost exactly my age, but she has put herself on a strenuous exercise program ever since I've known her.

2.  I've moved away from my old apartment where I could do a 20-minute hill climb in the morning.

3. I never could climb the rope into the second floor of the beach house.

4. I had a lot more enthusiasm and energy before Tamoxifen.

In short, I'm weak and haven't done enough about it.

Did I mention that the lying-down exercises they taught me 5 days after lumbar fusion are in many cases ones I'm taught now - just with more repeats.

The long string of doctors I mentioned on the way to getting PT was frustration much of the way.

What I wanted fixed: backaches, home-made metatarsal supports, sub-beginner balance.

What didn't help:

Two doctors thought I was in the wrong specialty office, even though I had been referred.
Two or three doctors brought up the subject of more pain medicine, which I didn't want.
Being told I wasn't good at describing my problem.
A prescription for something that I couldn't drive under influence of.
Being told "You've been walking on those feet now for . . . .years."
No one mentioned that I could try a small towel around the waist for fidgety sleeping and morning back ache.

What did help:

The last doctor contacted a physical therapy company and asked them (or had staff ask) to call me! So after two years of begging, I got PT without an X-ray.  (It has been almost two years since the spine surgery.)

Why does simple taking care of ourselves turn into a full-time job?

I wish you health.

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