Friday, January 28, 2011


Announcing the debut of the MAJ award, which for now goes only to mystery writers, but later, who knows.  Obviously the MAJ isn't writing to get what we need, even tho some of us do sorta need our mysteries!  MAJ is for fun, and we do need fun.  

Since this is the anniversary of the death of beloved Robert B. Parker, the very first MAJ is awarded posthumously to him for Best Female Character Created by a Guy!  Sometimes I can almost hear Susan talking to Spenser-- or almost see her.


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k.gast said...

Yes, I do need my mysteries! Thanks to you, I was introduced to Spenser and am still working my way through these, always enjoying the ping-pong conversations and humor. Off to the library!

Even though MAJ is for fun, I'll just add that I've probably learned more history reading mysteries than I ever did in a formal class.