Thursday, April 15, 2010


My spine problem has yielded a list of dozens of thing I can’t do—like fall down! Just trying to keep cars from blocking the walkway was way more frustration than I needed. After four useless calls to the local Supervisor’s office, I suddenly got a quiet young man named Isaac who actually listened to my story! He promised to call me back and said: Don’t worry. If I can’t reach you at work, I will call you when you get home.

That night he called and promised me two red traffic cones. The next day he delivered them to my porch, and later followed up with a call to be sure I got them! I want to give him a medal, but I guess angels don’t have anything to pin one on. Or something neat but not gaudy to hang from his harp!

The next angels were even more unlikely. I went to the coin car wash and learned I could not sweep the whole interior of my car with my limited ability to bend. Two stern guys next to me were polishing a BMW with intense concentration and lots of cigarette smoke, and doing the windows with newspaper. I blurted out that my grandmother had once told me to use newspaper on glass. One of the guys gave me some newspaper and instructions to do the inside as well. Then he saw me staring helplessly at the parts I can’t vacuum. He added a quarter to my last three in the vacuum, and attacked the whole interior of my car. Mercilessly. His chum even dusted the dash!

Now that I’ve gone this far, I need to talk about Erik, the angel who got my new laptop running, and Mario, the angel who assembled this chair for me, and. . .

I need to get those medals and harp ornaments by the crate!

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