Wednesday, December 20, 2017




1        My doctor knows who is good at mammograms.

2       The mammo group he recommended (after he heard my experience at a local hospital) has new equipment and they know what they’re doing.  They have enough good MammographyTechnologists so I can be in and out before I start imagining things.

3        I wait with others who've just done their mammos, in warm comfort  

4.      THEY LET ME KNOW SOMETHING BEFORE I LEAVE!   .  This makes me more likely to make an appointment because I know I will leave there with information instead of imagination.)
This also  lets me schedle my scan a short week before I see my wonderful oncologist; I know if the news is unsettling or just plain bad, it will only be a few days before I can see him.

5       Mammos are primarily what they do in this local unit.  It helps with coordination and makes me more confident that they know their stuff.

.       I take care of myself.   I remember before all mammos to remind them I have scar tissue from a long ago surgical biopsy of the same breast that is focused on these days. If they make you fill out a breast surgery history, insist on a copy to take into the room with you.

OTHER SCANS & Pictures


      PRIVACY:  If nurse comes in for you, insist on talking heavy stuff in the hall! ( At the hospital:  Nurse stood in doorway, told woman she would have to go to another area because she needed two procedures instead of one. This was a hard surprise for her to hear, probably scary.)  

    BIG SCANS  like MRI:

1       Talk to someone who has had one.  My boss told me she thought of tunes that the pings fit into, so it wasn’t just noise.  Ask her what you need, like ear plugs, nerve meds, or whatever.  And ask if you’re going to be warm enough – I get chills for no particular reason.It was only my lower trunk because of the spondylolisthesis and I knew the loud bongs wouldn’t be in my face.

2       I luckily had a great guy pushing my gurney – he spoke to me, offered ear plugs and asked if I’d been offered anything for my nerves.  I didn’t ask if I’d need a blanket.   If no one asks or offers, you must ask for what you want.

So;   Try to go in knowing what you may want.  Go in determined to ask (nicely) for what you think you need.  /And remember some things aren't worth fighting for.

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