Friday, January 1, 2016

OVER 75? OSTEOPOROSIS? My secret On the Midnight Special

There are times when a woman just doesn't feel like running (or marching) aroound the block a couple of times.  (Thanks to Marie Ennis-O'Connor JBBC for reminding me that BC meds can cause such a time) like for instance late at night when the others are trying to sleep.  And it's cold.  Or before dawn when the others are trying to sleep and I wake up, and it's cold.  And the bed is warm.

That's when I whip out my secret weapon - bed exercises.  Some of them were taught me by a PTh who was working on my tendinitis.  He didn't cure my bicep, but taught me some neat things to keep away frozen shoulder.  Like pressing shoulders into the mattress 20 times gently, and sliding shoulders toward waist and back also 20 times.

And in spine fusion rehab I learned to press the back of my knee gently into the mattress 20 times each.

And never skip the butt squeeze 20 times.  Just squeeze those cheeks together to help any nerves in that area. Not to mention making you look better.

Then THE REAL, TOP SECRET for people like me who also have arthritis:  When I do my toe exercises, curling toes under, for instance, I curl my fingers at the same time!   And pull toes up away from the ball of foot while pulling fingers gently back from palm.  (Did I mention gently?)

There are so many easy stretches to do flat on your back.

I can feel the blood circulating (a nice feeling at my age.)

And, naturally, if you want to get fancier than that, check WITH THE DOC first.  In fact, I'm supposed to warn you to check with the doc before you do anything!

I wish you health.

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